We are a group of parents, caregivers, educators, and professionals dedicated to bringing accessible babywearing to families in New Mexico along with community and opportunity. Contact us or visit our desktop version of this site for more information.

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Hello! My name is Tasman, and I was first introduced to babywearing when a received a sling as a gift for my first born. I didn't know then that there were a million types of carriers, but I knew that keeping my baby close felt right on a very instinctual level. Babywearing made my life easier, and my baby was so happy! With my second child, I was introduced to other carriers through a local mom's group. There were so many options! So many colors! So many styles! I was instantly transfixed. I learned how to wrap with the help of friends and leaders from the group. My fascination quickly turned into a passion, and when I was offered a position with the Babywearing Enrichment Foundation, I jumped at the opportunity. I LOVE babywearing, and I cannot wait to wrap my next baby. I hope to share my passion and knowledge so that many other parents and caregivers can love babywearing as well.

Hi, I'm Dwenna. My passion lies in birth work and teaching. Teaching anything! I am also passionate about supporting friends and amazing endeavors which is why I am involved with Cortney and Babywearing NM. It is so important to provide families with accessible resources with which to have happy and content experiences raising little ones and this non-profit does exactly that.

I'm Sarah and I have an 18 month old daughter named Elowen Rue. My husband I take her everywhere. She already loves skiing and the outdoors.
Babywearing is a huge part of my life. I love wearing and teaching others to wear. I am so excited to become a BW educator in the future. I am in love with seeing and touching all the wraps! I love how unique they can be.
Both my husband Evan and I were born and raised in Albuquerque. We love all things outdoors and love camping out of our VW Vanagon.
A couple of my goals this year are to get back into long distance trail running and to complete more knitting projects.

I was born  and raised in Hobbs, NM, and went on to college at NMSU in Las Cruces. In 2008 I moved to the Baltimore/D.C. area, and there I had my two boys. After the birth of my eldest, someone gave me a Moby stretchy wrap and an Ergobaby structured carrer, and from then on my life was changed!


I started working as a doula in 2012, and shortly after that, worked in a retail store which sold baby carriers, among other things. While on staff there, a co-worker encouraged me to take the Center for Babywearing Studies introductory educator's course. I did, and found a wealth of knowledge and a new sense of purpose that could go hand in hand with my doula work. That investment would change my life once more!


I enjoyed integrating babywearing group classes and private consultations into my work on the East Coast, but when time came to move, I dreamed of my home state of New Mexico. We were so lucky to find the perfect job and opportunity, which brought our family back to Albuquerque. I was ready to take my babywearing education career and make it something more. Noticing a strong babywearing community, but a lack of network between spread out groups, as well as gaps in accessibility and resource on many levels, I wanted to create a collaborative, culturally mindful, and fluid space, full of flexibility and growth together. The idea grew into a formal organization in 2015 and since then has grown and evolved and I cannot wait to see where we go from here.

I am so honored to take these steps toward realizing this goal with my amazing board of directors, up and coming Peer Community Leaders, and, in 2016, bringing more professional babywearing educators into the group and our state. The opportunities are endless!

Cortney Baca

/founder & director