2016 Annual Carrier Drive

Our second annual carrier drive is kicking off on November 1st! But we've already begun accepting donations so we figured, hey, let's start this party early! Our goal this year is 300 carriers by November 30th, and we're confident that with the help of our community near and far we'll be able to reach that goal! What will we do with 300 carriers? Great Question!

  • In 2016 we gifted over 90 carriers to families in medical and financial need as well as special circumstances such as bereavement and domestic violence needs. We project 3 times that this year.

  • 70 of those carriers were given to young parents at the New Futures High School in Albuquerque. We will be working with their school and faculty to expand that program this year as well as grow to other schools throughout the state, becoming a permanent resource for Young Parents. We anticipate giving 200+ carriers to young parents through the public school system this year.

  • We are maintaining 6 Fit Kits in 6 cities throughout the state, with plans to expand to 8-10 cities total this year. Fit Kits contain a minimum of 2 of each: stretchy wrap, woven wrap, mei-tai, soft-structured carrier, and ring sling.  When we receive used carriers that are visibly loved on, they usually go to Fit Kits. These Fit Kits are integral to our mission, since every family that receives a new or like new carrier from us is first fitted for the carrier type that suits them best with one of our Peer Community Leaders or Peer Community Mentors and a Fit Kit.

With so many ways to help us meet our goal, we're sure you'll find one of our options works for you!

  • You can bring a new or used carrier in-person to your local PCL or PCM at a monthly meetup over hte next 6 weeks, or any time! To find a meeting and PCL near you, check out how to Find Community!

  • You can purchase a carrier directly through us via the options below! (if you are viewing from mobile, use a desktop to view our shop to sponsor options) We have some fantastic retail and manufacturing partners who have offered us substantial discounts  on carriers purchased by us during this carrier drive. Your dollar can stretch very far with the help of generous donors* like 5 Minute Recess, Babylonia, and Bijou. If you'd like us to do the shopping for our families' needs, "shop" to sponsor below!

  • You can purchase a new or used carrier of any type and have it sent to us! We prefer shopping small when possible, and we love thrift store finds and secondhand carriers! Nonprofits and small businesses are a match made in unicorn dreams! If you'd like to ship to us directly:

Babywearing New Mexico

2409 Jane St. NE

Albuquerque, NM 87112

*if you are a retailer or manufacturer who would like to donate, contact community@babywearingnm.org

Stretchy Wrap

Ring Sling


Woven Wrap

Buckle Carrier

$35 - for your donation today, a family in New Mexico receives a stretchy wrap.

$50 - for your donation today, a family in New Mexico receives a ring sling.

$75 - for your donation today, a family in New Mexico receives a Mei-Tai.

$100 - for your donation today, a family in New Mexico receives a woven wrap.

$125 - for your donation today, a family in New Mexico receives a buckle carrier.