/Our Mission Statement

Babywearing NM strives to create community and broaden accessibility to babywearing resources and education for families in all areas of New Mexico. Our three pronged approach to supporting the babywearing community in our beautiful state provides a service for everyone, and a way to give back for those who have grown with us:


  • Providing safe and quality carriers to those who face financial or medical needs, gifting or discounting quality carriers as well as knowledge to use them safely and comfortably, with a communiy of supportive peers, in a fun and engaging environment.


  • Providing functional and financial  resources, mentorship, and media outreach for our Peer Community Leaders, who are already advanced babywearers and leaders within their communities, as well as advocates for accessibility and education with cultural humility and respect.


  • Providing scholarship, work study, and employment opportunities as well as professional networking and support for those who wish to turn a passion for babwearing education and outreach into a career, or those who are already professionals in the babywearing industry and would like to see more growth in our state.