Welcome Home, BWNM!

Babywearing NM has been dreaming of an office with space for all our communities and programs under one roof. We have been operating out of an 80 sq. ft. office, then a 100 sq. ft. office and we are so excited to announce that we're finally HOME in a cozy 600 sq. ft office that suits all of our needs for the size we've grown to over the past couple years. We would love to welcome you into our new space in The Atrium at Lomas and Morris near Eubank in NE Albuquerque to see all the changes and exciting work we're doing!


Our new office has spaces for staging all of our larger programs: Bright Futures programs for young parents, NICU support programs in partnership with HATCH, and parenting in recovery programs. We will have a community sitting room and class room for small group sessions and meetups. We will also have a small play YES space that aims to be sensory friendly for toddlers and older kids to have a space to entertain themselves while parents and caregivers work with our babywearing educators. 

We have the space, and we have the culture and hard work all saved up and ready to go, but we need several things to get this space functional and ready for our families, clients, and community to enjoy it with us. We are missing lots of furniture and hospitality items, as well as office basics.
We have a goal of $5,000 for accessible and diverse seating and organization furniture for our community spaces. We also have a Smile Amazon wish list should you want to ship a gift directly. And if you scroll down past both of those options you'll also see a wish list of items you can donate in good used condition or like new condition as well.


We hope that no matter how you choose to give you feel happy knowing that your gift made a HUGE impact for our volunteer staff and our client families. All of our donors will be recognized on our donor acknowledgement art on our new walls. We cannot wait to see this space come together and call it home. 

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wish list

You can donate any of the following items to us directly at our new office, in Albuquerque! Contact Us to arrange hours for drop off.

  • Home Decor, especially in colors blue, green, teal, warm metals, turquoise,  warm neutrals

  • House plants and decorative pots and/or hangers

  • Clean chairs, loveseats, and floor pillows/ottomans/poufs

  • sturdy book cases, especially any 9x9 or 11x11 cube shelves like Ikea KALLAX style

  • gift cards to ANY store

  • Canvas Printing Services

  • Garment racks of all styles and sizes

  • Retail fixtures of all kinds (shelves, mannequins, racks)

  • Work Stations/Desks

  • Baby Carriers of ALL TYPES (especially ring slings, stretchy wraps, and meh dais) 



Babywearing NM's NEW LOCATION

10801 Lomas Blvd NE Suite 112

Albuquerque, NM 87112