Since before Babywearing NM, we have been striving to make babywearing accessible, community-oriented, and a viable integration into dialy life, for new and experienced parents alike, hobbyists and professionals as well, one community, one goal. To meet those needs, we have three major programs this year, and are adding more programs to specialize our outreach and better support our community. If you are interested in becoming a part of any of our programs or you know someone whou would benefit from our assistance, please, contact us! We are happy to grow, and we would love you to grow with us!


Babywearing Accessibility- Babywearing should be available to anyone. Babywearing isn't new and it isn't a fad. In nearly every culture around the world, babywearing was born of necessity and instinct and handed down through the generations. We don't want financial hardship to prevent someone from experiencing the joy of carrying their child close and with love. For families who may need assistance, we can provide a carrier and one on one attention to fit,  education to use it safely, as well as community meetings for support and growth!


Peer Community Leadership - Babywearing fosters lifelong friendships. Many who find the joy of carrying their children close have found friends who also share their passion. These babywearers with a passion for helping others, a cheerful and encouraging manner when introducing babywearing to those around them, and an eye for best practices in babywearing technique and safety are already leading meetups, playdates, events, and impromptu education in their communities. Our goal is to provide them with support they may need: meeting spaces, teaching carriers, continuing education, mentorship with professionals in the babywearing industry, and a community of other leaders to learn with and from. These are the ambassadors of babywearing in our state, and they deserve support! If you would like to begin the process of becoming a Peer Community Leader, or would simply like more information, please contact us!


Professional Mentorship - For some of us, our passion for helping others with babywearing and working in education is growing into something beyond. The opportunities for professional babywearing educators are surprising and flexible! The career choices available for a professional babywearing educator are growing by the year and the industry is thriving. If you have a goal of becoming a professional babywearing educator, contact us to learn more about opportunities, education, and what it takes to make this work for you! Our Peer Community Leaders who wish to become professionals can find opportunities for training and even scholarship and work study opportunities to pay for trainings with some of the best minds in the industry, to stay at the leading edge of our field.