Where do my donations go?

If you've donated goods, services, funds, or more to our organization, like most donors you're wondering "What happens with my donation?" Well we'd love to provide some insight!

1. If you have donated a used baby carrier, it goes one of two places. Often, used carriers are placed in our "Fit Kit" for each chapter. Each chapter of BWNM has a fit kit, a bag of carriers that is used for accessibility program fittings, as well as hands-on demonstration and fitting at monthly meetings. We prioritize used carriers in the fit kit for two reasons. Firstly, it feels comfy to try on a "broken in" carrier, and gives a more realistic expectation for what a carrier will feel like after some use. Secondly, we like to gift brand-new carriers to families in our accessibility program, it feels nice to receive something new when possible! When it's not possible to give a brand new carrier to the families, we gift used in good condition carriers to them.

2. If you have donated one or more brand-new carriers, They go to our accessibility program, only opened by us if we have no way of fitting families otherwise. Our accessibility program is our core focus, and we direct the majority of our resources toward it. In the accessibility program families of any shape can request a carrier on the basis of financial, medical, or extenuating circumstance needs. BWNM then gifts a carrier to that family after they've been fitted for what style of carrier fits them best in terms of their needs and goals, and have been taught how to use it by our well trained leadership. The carrier is then theirs to keep!

3. If you have donated funds, you can specify the program they should go to: accessibility program (including our collaboration with New Futures High School for teen parents), community program (our monthly meetings and outreach to build support networks for parents), and education program (creating opportunity for our leadership to better themselves and our programs through increasing accessibility to continuing education through scholarship). We also have minimal operating costs which help us to be a truly state-wide resource instead of centralizing in the most populated areas. We are able to reach more areas through your generosity in helping us with shipping and electronic meetings to keep all leadership in the loop through virtual office and meeting "space".

4. If you've donated items like goods or services, they have likely been added to our annual silent auction, which funds are split evenly among our three programs. These donations truly make a difference in our resources, we could not operate without our silent auction funds. Our silent auction is held every autumn, and the resources from it keep us going year-round in addition to funds donors throughout the rest of the year.

However you choose to donate, you can be assured that we prioritize New Mexico families first. Our promise is one of reaching families where they are, with respect and cultural competency, as well as friendship and community, as we all keep our children close.


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