Open Volunteer Positions

These are the open positions for volunteers at our organization currently! There is more than enough room for any and all volunteers who are interested in working with us! As a 501c3 charitable organization, so much of our work is volunteer oriented and we love our volunteers. If you've been looking for a way to be more involved with us, whether you're a parent or not, in New Mexico or not, if you want to be involved, there's a position that can suit your level of commitment and availability. If you're interested in any of these positions or have a different idea of how you can volunteer in another capacity, please contact us at and let us know!

Fundraising Committee Member

Time Commitment: 4 hours per month

Location: anywhere, virtual work available

Description: Work with our fundraising leadership to develop and research fundraisers for both local chapters and headquarters. May involve writing emails, calling, making flyers, papering businesses, working a physical fundraising site, or other tasks, within your ability and comfort level!

Email Management

Time Commitment: 30 minutes a week or less

Location: Anywhere, all work is virtual

Description: twice a week check the general email for and forward messages as appropriate to the board and staff. Add calendar meetups to google calendar as they come to the inbox.

Peer Community Leader

Time Commitment: 5 hours per month

Location: Anywhere in New Mexico, some chapters are already established, some chapters are yet to be established!

Description: Peer Community Leaders are volunteers who teach babywearing in their local communities. We provide all the teaching materials and resources needed to get going, and you teach and grow with our leadership team! We can discuss all the details with you if you are interested in this volunteer position. (New chapters are on a short waitlist, but please contact us about a new chapter if that's your goal so we can place you on this list and discuss details!)

Donor Appreciation

Time Commitment: 1 hour or less per month

Location: Anywhere in the world!

Description: If you have an eye for writing and grammar, and enjoy writing thank you notes, we could use your help! We send out donor acknowledgement letters and thank you notes to our donors and we would love to have your help! We provide all the necessary materials, you provide the time and attention to detail.

Social Media

Time Commitment: 30 minutes a week or less

Location: Anywhere, all work is virtual

Description: Answer facebook messenger messages on our page with general info or alert the proper director if a message needs attention. May be asked to post to instagram on our behalf with proper hashtags and make photos look cute! If you have an eye for social media and love to post, this position could be great for you!

Database Organization

Time Commitment: 1 hour or less

Location: Anywhere, all work is virtual

Description: Help manage databases on google drive for our leadership team's contact info, carrier and donor info, inventory and scheduling. If you enjoy spreadsheets and don't mind following up with our leaders state wide, this could be a great position for you.

We look forward to working with you! 2017 is going to be an amazing year here at BWNM and we'd be lucky to have you on our team.

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